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Adventure Bay in the News

We're excited to announce that Adventure Bay Family Water Park is open and operational. Check out the latest articles, videos, testimonials, and more as our community experiences the adventure.

News Articles

​Item ​Date Published
​​"Fall Maintenance, Seasonal Hours and Exciting New Programming at Adventure Bay" August 29, 2016

"Adventure Bay wins prestigious International marketing awards"

​November 3, 2015

"Adventure Bay water park like 'little Disneyland' on opening day"​

January 20, 2014​
"Gallery: Adventure Bay Water Park"​ January 19, 2014​
"New Downtown 'Adventure Bay' Water Park Opens"​ January 18, 2014​

Videos and Testimonials 

​Item ​Date Published
​"Free Comic Book Day at Rogues Gallery and Adventure Bay" ​April 22, 2015
"FlowRider Stand-Up Competition at Adventure Bay"​ April 2, 2015​
​"Swim with Santa and Rock with Rudolph 2014" December 10, 2014​
"Ride the Wave at Adventure Bay"​ August 12, 2014​
"Adventure Bay Welcomes its 100,000th Customer"​ July 17, 2014​
"Adventure Bay Family Water Park (30-sec Promo)"​ June 6, 2014​
"Grand Opening of Adventure Bay and WIATC" June 5, 2014​
"Ride the Slides at Adventure Bay Family Water Park"​ January 27, 2014​
"The Adventure Begins!"​ ​January 24, 2014
"Over a thousand turned out for Adventure Bay's opening weekend"​ January 20, 2014​
"Exclusive first ride: The Python at Adventure Bay"​ January 20, 2014​
"Adventure Bay a great way to spend a January day"​ January 18, 2014​

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