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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

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ExpandCollapse General Questions

ExpandCollapse 1. How do I contact the water park?

Visit our Contact Us section.

ExpandCollapse 2. What are the rates for admission into the water park and the dry play area?

The admission rates for the water park are separate from those of the dry play place. For current rates, please visit our Park Info section. ​

ExpandCollapse 3. What age are children FREE to enter the water park?

Children under the age of 2 are FREE. Children 2 and up must pay admission. ​

ExpandCollapse 4. Do I have to pay if I am only coming to watch my children?

Yes. All guests are required to pay admission to enter the water park. ​

ExpandCollapse 5. Is there an ATM (automated teller machine) onsite?

Yes. Our ATM (automated teller machine) is located in the front lobby near the fireplace feature, and is sponsored by Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU).​

ExpandCollapse 6. Where can I find directions to the water park?

Visit our Maps and Directions section.​

ExpandCollapse 7. Where can I park around the water park?

Visit our Parking section.​

ExpandCollapse 8. Is there an additional cost for parking?

Parking in City of Windsor lots is managed through Pay-and-Display. There are options for hourly and daily rates. For current rates, and further information, please visit our Parking section.​

ExpandCollapse 9. What are the general rules and age requirements for the water park?

Please visit our Water Park Rules section, and/or read below.

An 'adult' is considered to be any individual 16 years of age and over. All persons entering the water park are required to pay admission fees to enter.

Children 5 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times, and within arm's reach of the adult. Each adult may supervise up to 2 children ages 5 and under.

Children between the ages of 6 and 9 must be supervised by an adult at all times, and within arm's reach of the adult. Each adult may supervise up to 4 children between the ages of 6 and 9.

Children between the ages of 10 and 11 must be supervised by an adult at all times, and the adult must remain in the water park at all times. Each adult may supervise up to 4 children between the ages of 10 and 11.

Individuals 12 years and over may enter the water park without an adult. Please note that proof of age is required.

ExpandCollapse 10. What are the rules regarding swimwear?

Proper bathing suits must be worn. Swimwear with metal rivets, buttons, buckles, snaps, zippers, or sharp objects will not be permitted on the slides as it damages the rides and could potentially injure riders. We do not consider undergarments as swim wear and these will not be permitted. There are no exceptions as these rules are in place for your protection and safety. For more detailed information on proper swim attire, visit our Swim Attire section. ​

ExpandCollapse 11. Do I get a discount if I purchase a pass to the water park and the dry play area at the same time?

Yes, there is a discount available if you purchase a water park pass and a dry play area pass at the same time on site. You will receive half-off your dry play area pass. ​

ExpandCollapse 12. Is a Membership available. If so, how much does it cost?

Adventure Bay Family Water Park does have a membership option.

Please refer to our Park Info​ page for our current rates (scroll down the page for membership rates listed near the bottom).

When you buy three (3) or more memberships at once time, you receive 10% off the price of each membership. Membership passes are non-refundable. All sales are final. Must be paid in full at the time of purchase in order to receive this special discount.  ​

ExpandCollapse 13. What do I do if I have/find a lost child at the water park?

When you arrive at the water park, it is always a good idea for adults and children to agree on a specific spot to wait at should they become separated at any time during their visit. If you lose/find a child, please alert the nearest lifeguard, who will assist you. ​

ExpandCollapse Water Park Questions

ExpandCollapse 1. What are the hours of operation for the water park?

For the most current hours of operation, including any special holiday and event information, please visit our Water Park Hours section.​

ExpandCollapse 2. How do I buy passes to Adventure Bay?

Passes to Adventure Bay can be purchased in person at the water park. For information on rates, visit our Park Info page.

ExpandCollapse 3. Do I have to purchase a pass if I will not be using the water park attractions?

Yes. Anyone entering the water park area will be required to purchase a pass. ​

ExpandCollapse 4. Can I re-enter the water park if I leave?

Yes. Make sure you keep your wristband and your receipt for proof of purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the front desk and speak to a staff member. ​

ExpandCollapse 5. What are the height/weight/special requirements for the water park and its attractions?

Each attraction has different requirements put in place by the ride manufacturers to keep you safe during your visit. For minimum and maximum height and weight requirements for each attraction, please visit our Attractions section. ​

ExpandCollapse 6. Are coolers, food, or drink permitted into the water park?

No. However, we invite you to visit the Tropical Treats concession located onsite. For hours of operation, visit our Amenities section. ​

ExpandCollapse 7. Are towels available at the water park?

Towels are available to purchase at the Front Desk. Visit the Amenities page for hours of operation.​

ExpandCollapse 8. Are lockers available at the water park?

Yes. Lockers are available in all change rooms and inside the water park area. Guests may bring their own lock, and are responsible for their lock and for any and all valuables left in their locker. If you would like to purchase a new lock, you may do so at the front desk. Additionally, you may rent a lock for $5.00, with a $15.00 deposit. Your deposit will be returned to you when you return the lock.

Please note that locks must be removed from all lockers by the end of each day. Any remaining locks will be cut, and items inside the locker will be taken to Lost and Found. Adventure Bay Family Water Park takes no responsibility for items stored in lockers, or for any items taken to Lost and Found. Lockers are available for day-use only. ​

ExpandCollapse 9. When are swim diapers required, and are they available for purchase at the water park?

Swim diapers are required at all times. Gabbies are permitted. Regular diapers are not permitted. You may purchase swim diapers at our Front Desk onsite. Visit our Amenities section. ​

ExpandCollapse 10. Are there water activities for toddlers and smaller children?

Yes. Water activities for toddlers and smaller children are available in the Splash Zone, the Tot Loch, the Lazy River, and the Wave Pool. ​

ExpandCollapse 11. What is the water/air temperature in the water park?

Our pools and slides are heated. Air = 80 degrees. Water = 85 degrees. Temperatures are approximations.​

ExpandCollapse 12. Are tubes and mats available for use?

Yes. Tubes and mats are provided at each water park attraction, and must remain at each attraction after use. Please do not transfer tubes or mats from one attraction to another. Tubes and mats are not permitted in the Wave Pool.​

ExpandCollapse 13. Are flotation devices (life jackets) available for use?

Yes. Life jackets are available on the water park deck and are provided free of charge. Multiple sizes are available. ​

ExpandCollapse 14. Can I bring my own flotation devices (life jackets) into the water park?

Yes. You may bring your own flotation devices (life jackets) into the water park provided they are approved by the Canadian or American Coast Guard. The lifeguard on duty may require you to use one of the life jackets provided onsite if they do not feel your life jacket meets the appropriate safety requirements. In all cases, the lifeguard on duty makes the final decision about the suitability of your life jacket. This rule is put in place for your safety.  ​

ExpandCollapse 15. Are changing rooms and showers available at the water park?

Yes. Male, Female, and Family/Accessible change rooms are all available at the water park. ​

ExpandCollapse 16. Is information available about the accessible features of the water park?

Yes. Adventure Bay includes many accessible features, and is partnered with the Access 2 Entertainment program to provide free access for support persons. Detailed information is available on our website. Please visit our Accessibility section to learn all you need to know about your visit to the water park.  ​

ExpandCollapse Technical Instructions

ExpandCollapse 1. Is Adobe Flash Player required to view the Virtual Tours?

Adobe Flash Player is required if you are using the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari; except on iPhone, iPad, and IPod

However, Adobe Flash Player is not required for Chrome as long as you have the most up-to-date version of Chrome.​

ExpandCollapse 2. I have Adobe Flash Player installed. Why do I still see the complaint of "Adobe Flash Player 9.0.0 or above must be installed and available..."?

If you see this complaint, please check the following:

  • Ensure Adobe Flash Player is installed. If not, please click the "Get Adobe FLASH PLAYER" icon displayed on the Virtual Tours page to install the latest version.
  • Ensure Adobe Flash Player is not only installed but also enabled.
  • Ensure Adobe Flash Player version is 9.00 or higher.

Please follow the instructions displayed on the Virtual Tours page to check these requirements.​

ExpandCollapse 3. I have limited internet bandwidth available. How big is each photo in the Photo Gallery?

The size varies. However, most regular-sized photos on the site are about 80K bytes (640x426 pixels). Most large-sized photos on the site are about 1M bytes (1280x853 pixels).​

ExpandCollapse 4. How big is each animation in Virtual Tours?

The data to be downloaded for the animation of a single attraction varies from 4M to 6M bytes.​

ExpandCollapse Cannon Cove Dry Play Place Questions

ExpandCollapse 1. What are the hours of operation for the dry play place?

Cannon Cove dry play place has separate hours of operation from those of the water park. For the current hours of operation, visit our Cannon Cove dry play place section.​

ExpandCollapse Additional Questions

ExpandCollapse 1. Is there anything else to do in Windsor while I'm visiting the water park?

Yes. The City of Windsor offers countless experiences and opportunities in the areas of entertainment, nightlife, outdoor adventures, wine, culinary, arts, culture, heritage, sports, recreation, tourism, etc. For additional information, visit one of the following resources:

ExpandCollapse 2. Are there nearby hotels for me to stay in?

Yes. There are many affordable, attractive, and convenient hotels for you to consider during your visit. For a list of the hotels closest to Adventure Bay, visit our Hotel Information section.

ExpandCollapse 3. Where can I find information about the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre natatorium/competitive pool side of the building?

Information about the Windsor International Aquatic & Training Centre presented by Windsor Family Credit Union can be found by visiting www.wiatc.ca.​

ExpandCollapse 4. Where can I find additional information about aquatics programming in the City of Windsor?

Information about aquatics and swimming in the City of Windsor can be found in the Aquatics section of the City's website. ​

ExpandCollapse 5. Where can I learn about/register for aquatics programs in the City of Windsor?

You can research and register for aquatics programs in the City of Windsor by visiting www.reconnectwindsor.ca. ​