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Splash Zone

In the Splash Zone you will think you are in the middle of the rain forest. The water never stops flowing through the many jets located throughout the jungle gym. If you think you can stay dry by avoiding the jets, just wait until the bucket tips. Leave your umbrellas at home. There is no hiding from the hydro-wonder that is the Adventure Bay Splash Zone!

  • Guests must be 36 inches or taller to use pink and green waterslides and 40 inches or taller to use yellow and blue waterslides.

Make a Splash

With These Fun Family Attractions

Flow Rider Play

Flow Rider

Surfing in Windsor? That’s gnarly talk, bro. The FlowRider is a body boarding surf experience which uses jet-propelled water to simulate waves like none that have been seen in this area before.

Also, did you know we do private rentals for FlowRider!? You can rent FlowRider for an hour or more, pricing starts at $255.50 an hour. 

  • Riders must be 42 inches or taller to bodyboard.
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Lazy River Play

Lazy River

Coming off an adrenaline rush? The Lazy River is your spot to recover your energy before finding your next thrill. Let the current take you for a tour down the river while you enjoy the sights and sounds of Adventure Bay. Single-person inner tubes are available for you to enjoy some relaxation with friends and family.

  • Guests under 48 inches tall must wear a PFD/Lifejacket.
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Master Blaster Play

Master Blaster

Whoever said water flows downhill never got a chance to ride Adventure Bay’s Master Blaster! This water rollercoaster will propel you up and down using a jet propelled stream! Ride with a friend for your chance to experience the thrill of being blasted uphill.

  • Riders must be 42 inches or taller. 2 riders go at a time.
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The Python Play

The Python

The Python lives up to its serpentine title with its many twists and turns. Riders will be swallowed into the belly of the best as they flow through the labyrinth of tubes. The thrill escalates in the giant flume section where the riders’ momentum carries them back and forth until they conquer the experience and can relax in the catch pool.

  • Riders must be 48 inches tall in height. Up to 2-3 riders with a maximum combined weight of 600 lbs.
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Wave Pool Play

Wave Pool

The wave pool is a guest favorite! Start with an easy stroll down the beach entry where you’ll encounter waves of varying heights and thrills.

  • Guest under 48 inches tall must wear a PFD/Lifejacket.
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Whizzard Play


The Whizzard is an intense three lane downhill race experience that challenges the laws of physics – while allowing you to challenge other riders at the same time! And did you know... it not only goes outside of the building... but riders experience the thrill while going down head-first?

  • Must be at least 42 inches tall in height. Max weight is 300 lbs. 
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